About Instant Tea Premix

Aai Shapat Instant Tea Premix is a ready-made (pre-mixed) powder of strong and good quality tea, complemented by the stimulating flavour of Elaichi, Ginger, Masala, and Lemon Grass.

Get a delightful moment by having Aai Shapat Tea Premix. You can enjoy hot tea wherever and whenever you want. You just need to add a cup of hot water to Aai Shapat Tea Premix.

We have a wide range of instant tea premix products. Like Elaichi Instent Tea Premix, Ginger Instent Tea Premix, Masala Instent Tea Premix and Lemon Grass Instent Tea Premix.

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Elaichi Tea


Ginger Tea


Lemon Grass Tea


Masala Tea

Special Qualities

The most important qualities of good food are taste, aroma, colour and nutrient content.


100% Safe Products

Our products are 100% safe. Our quality controllers test the products on various parameters such as freshness, quality and shelf life.


Minimum Preservative

We have used minimum preservative and artificial chemicals. That's gives you best natural product.


Fresh Ingredients

The fresh quality ingredients will give you the best products. We use fresh and quality ingredients that are handpicked.


Great Natural Taste

We have used fresh and quality ingredients that are handpicked. It's enhances natural taste and flavour.


Healthy and Hygiene

Our product have several measureable nutritional benefits to health. We strickly follow and maintain all hygiene guidelines while food processing.

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