Aai Shapat

Aai Shapat is the most loved brand in the all over India. It Serve's to the Indian palate’s ever-growing demand for Instant Food Products that are hygienically manufactured using the latest technology. The range of products and flavours that Aai Shapat Secret offers is in a category of its own and is unmatched by any other food brand in India.

We follow a strict protocol for the safety measures, cleanliness and quality of food. We follow stringent quality policy, where our quality controllers test the products on various parameters such as freshness, quality and shelf life.

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Lai Bhari cafe (Food Channel)

Lai Bhari Café is all about delicious food. It’s not about diet or deprivation and everything We do can be adapted to suit you.

We all love India. Indian are very big Foodies they eat toooo much and lovely. Indian cuisine combination of a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines. Don’t be afraid to start playing around with Indian food ingredients at home.

Lai Bhari Cafe makes Indian testy recipes. All recipes are make to easy and eat to healthy. Let’s come on our website and YouTube Channel and learn testy and healthy recipes.


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